The Dalmatian Tribble (large)

The DALMATIAN TRIBBLE is the fastest of all TRIBBLES, hitting top speeds of two miles per day. It has evolved its distinctive coloring to resemble a predator, so that other predators will avoid it. However, this is not always a good defense, as some primate-like creatures on the homeworld think it’s made of chocolate-chip cookie dough. They consider it a special treat. Evolution is just weird. These TRIBBLES eat plants, roots, berries, and occasionally small insects.

After much patience and training, and many long hours, some of our TRIBBLES now respond with a soft, warm cooing sound. But be careful! If you continue to pet them, they’ll emit their traditional annoyed chirp.

Large TRIBBLES are sound- and touch-activated; Small TRIBBLES and Keychain TRIBBLES have no sound or motion.

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