Klingon Bat’leth Necklace

From the Klingon chef K’ulia K’uck, famous for such dishes as TRIBBLE tartar and TRIBBLE kabobs, comes the KLINGON BAT’LETH necklace. Based on the Klingon bat’leth:

The bat’leth is the Klingon long sword, designed by martial arts enthusiast and Star Trek: The Next Generation effects producer Dan Curry. The bat’leth is a curved blade with spiked protrusions and handholds along the middle of the blade’s back. In battle, the handholds are used to twirl and spin the blade rapidly.

Klingon oral history holds that the first bat’leth was forged around 625 A.D. by Kahless, who dropped a lock of his hair into the lava from the Kri’stak Volcano, then plunged the fiery lock into the lake of Lursor and twisted it to form a blade. After forging the weapon, he used it to defeat the tyrant Molor, and in doing so united the Klingon homeworld. This first bat’leth was known as the Sword of Kahless and was stolen by the invading Hur’q; an episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine revolves around an effort to recover the Sword of Kahless. The name bat’leth itself means “Sword of Honor” in Klingon. (from Wikipedia)

These 3-inch KLINGON BAT’LETH necklaces are perfect for all your TRIBBLE skinning/cooking needs.

$19.95 (includes shipping via U.S. mail)