Collectible Borg Tribbles

Collectible Borg Tribble Collectible Borg Tribble
Collectible Borg Tribble Collectible Borg Tribble Certificate

Featured in the official MMORPG game

“After Captain Sisko’s incursion into the 23rd century, TRIBBLES were reintroduced to the Alpha Quadrant. During the subsequent Borg attack on the Federation, a few TRIBBLES were assimilated by the collective for experimental purposes…”

Now, you can have your very own extremely rare COLLECTIBLE BORG TRIBBLE! Each is approximately 8 inches in diameter, and makes the exclusive COLLECTIBLE BORG TRIBBLE sound. Each LARGE COLLECTIBLE BORG TRIBBLE has been hand “assimilated” by ST:TNG’s visual effects artist Roger Sides, builder of the Borg Cube for ST:TNG.

Sound- and touch-activated. COLLECTIBLE BORG TRIBBLES are sold randomly (we pick the breed), and optionally come with a COLLECTIBLE BORG TRIBBLE CERTIFICATE (hand-signed by Roger Sides and TRIBBLE creator David Gerrold).