The Snake Tribble (large)

The Snake Tribble (keychain)

In addition to forests and savannahs, the TRIBBLE homeworld has wide tropical belts of ferocious jungles and rainforests. Several different varieties of TRIBBLE have evolved with variegated coloring as camouflage and even predator-specific imitation. The SNAKE TRIBBLE has developed to mimic one of the most voracious of all reptilian predators, locally called “gzorkles.” The gzorkle is essentially a loner — so unfriendly even to its own species that it rarely mates. The patterns on the SNAKE TRIBBLE often deflect the attentions not only of gzorkles, but of other predators who fear gzorkles. These TRIBBLES eat plants, roots, berries, and occasionally small insects.

After much patience and training, and many long hours, some of our TRIBBLES now respond with a soft, warm cooing sound. But be careful! If you continue to pet them, they’ll emit their traditional annoyed chirp.

Large TRIBBLES are sound- and touch-activated; Small TRIBBLES and Keychain TRIBBLES have no sound or motion.

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