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In 1967, writer David Gerrold introduced the world to TRIBBLES, and everyone fell in love with these furry friends! Since 2008, David’s TRIBBLE TOYS® has placed over 125,000 TRIBBLES in “forever homes.”
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TRIBBLES (originally Tribleustes ventricosus) are small, non-intelligent lifeforms originating from Iota Geminorum IV. These round, furry creatures emit cooing sounds while touched, having a tranquilizing effect on the human nervous system.
TRIBBLES were first encountered by humans in the early 2150s when a Denobulan doctor named Phlox brought a small number aboard the NX-01. While Phlox felt that TRIBBLES bred prodigiously enough to serve as a food source for his pets, Federation scientists generally considered their reproductive rate to be relatively slow. However, in the late 2250s, Starfleet officer Lt. Edward Larkin illicitly engineered human DNA into the population, creating a new species (Polygeminus grex) and permanently accelerating TRIBBLES’ breeding cycle to incredibly rapid speeds!
TRIBBLES make the perfect pets!
TRIBBLES come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
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